AI Software

Scalable, adaptable, and reliable AI to automate tasks that have never before been performed by machines in commercial settings.


Machine Learning

Our AI software uses a learning framework implemented at a core domain level for fast, specific, and continuous solution improvement. The software continuously logs data to inform future decisions and produce intelligent behaviors. Each system learns from its own activities, from other systems within your facility, and from similar solutions across the network. Our AI runs in the cloud so all of your systems are learning and improving collaboratively as they handle similar products and operate similar processes. This approach enables your system to improve against all system performance data and accurately pick items it has not handled before as it encounters those items in real time.


Computer Vision

Industry-leading perception technologies enable our systems to see the world and act upon it with intelligence. We use a battery of proprietary 2D & 3D techniques and a spectrum of camera technologies. The software manipulates the visual data using advanced algorithms in the core software enabling our solutions to operate effectively in environments previously described as un-automatable by industry stalwarts. Our perception capabilities enable our solutions to act upon the largest breadth of items and materials in the industry with unparalleled speed and accuracy.


Motion and Path Planning

BG’s patented technology is unparalleled in the industry. Our systems move with purpose and thrive in dynamic conditions. Cutting-edge motion planning techniques enable our robots to automatically and intelligently move through environments with speed and grace. This allows for gentle material handling at unparalleled speeds. They do no not require micron-accurate environment descriptions, nor is robot training by humans required. With only simple environment descriptions for input, our solutions adapt and act with intelligence to handle any situation.


Holistic Sensing

The software is constantly monitoring sensor signals and reacting to real-time changes in the environment such as containers filling or emptying and products shifting in order to optimize real performance. It also performs preemptive self-diagnoses of the full system for preventative maintenance. Various sensor technologies from tactile pressure to light beams to 3D vision and accelerometers are constantly interpreted as the software orchestrates the tasks at-hand while learning to improve for future manipulations at the individual SKU level.


Machine Haptics and Grasping

BG solutions will handle your product. Our robotic systems utilize novel, patented gripping technologies to enable accurate picking of the broadest spectrum of objects ever handled. These grippers are outfitted with sensors which are tightly integrated to system intelligence. The software is continuously interpreting signals, coupling them with visual data, and reacting in real-time. This enables gentle picking and placing of sensitive items, system transfer based on grasp quality, accurate picking of never-before-seen items, and more… our systems will handle your products.


IT Integrations

BG’s systems will work with your existing IT infrastructure. Scalable solutions are designed to plug into your technology stack via well defined APIs. Whatever your supply chain software (WMS, WCS, WES, etc.) or maintenance management software (CMMS, EAS, etc.), we support it. Our APIs assure ease of integration into existing scenarios while ensuring the highest levels of security.


A web-based management dashboard for tracking work progress and monitoring system performance on desktops and mobile devices is a standard software component. Common metrics and operational statistics such as picks-per-hour and order completion status are recorded and presented for customers. The information is typically monitored at both the local operations level and by remote management. The platform also features push notifications related to order completion status and inventory availability for real-time operational planning.

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