Real robots ready now to intelligently pick, pack, and sort the broadest assortment of your products.

AutoPickTM Robotic Arms & Pick Cells

AutoPick robotic pick cells are at the heart of every game-changing solution that helps you grow your business by automating tasks never before performed by machines in commercial settings. AutoPicks pick hundreds of thousands of different items. They can pick items they have never seen or handled before because they are outfitted with Berkshire Grey’s proprietary gripper systems and controlled by our AI software. AutoPicks feature industrial robotic arms optimized for maximum speed and efficiency. Our robots make fluid and dynamic movements in contrast to the “rote” motions of other industrial robots while delivering speed and performance that cannot be matched by cobots. To achieve this level of natural motion complexity our robots are paired with proprietary control software, vision systems, sensors, and engineered electromechanical hardware.

Robotic Picking from Clutter

Our holistic approach to planning, robotic manipulation, vision technology, novel gripping, and sensing allows us to pick swiftly and accurately from clutter. Our solutions are highly capable of picking from structured environments, but often times the real-world, such as batch picking to down-line sortation, is complex and cluttered. Our systems learn over time by applying artificial intelligence to SKU-specific identification and handling. This is reflected in grip force, robot motion profiles, swing velocities, accelerations, and placement tolerances that enable our solutions to pick, move, and put the broadest variety of your products in ways that match your operational processes.

Mobile robotic systems

Some solutions utilize our proprietary mobile robots and supporting mobile infrastructure to provide a modular, distributed transport system for picking orders that is flexible, fast, and accurate. Our FlexField systems incorporate FlexTiles, FlexFeeds, and FlexBots to serve totes of products to AutoPick robotic pick cells which pick and pack store and customer orders. These types of systems are highly configurable for arbitrary facility layouts and redundant against failures. They can parallelize delivery of items where needed and enable various ordering and scheduling capabilities that traditional conveyor-based systems cannot. Mobile robotic systems excel at picking orders based on customer sequencing requirements to accommodate strategies including: store aisle-friendly replenishment, store pickup for customer eCommerce orders, complex delivery routing, and other dynamic order approaches.


The Picking With Purpose™ program is our commitment to feed and nourish vulnerable populations by using our intelligent pick and sort robotic systems to reimagine the distribution of surplus food. Partnering with other socially responsible companies to source food, we can work with non-profits to speed delivery of essential items to hungry families.

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“Berkshire Grey grips 3X MORE SKUs than any other robotics vendor. Other vendors have claimed they can grip 50% of the SKUs required in processing our orders, but typically can’t deliver in a production environment.”
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