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Intelligent robotic pick, pack, and sort systems to grow your business and transform omni-channel fulfillment.

ecommerce fulfillment

Fast, accurate, and cost-effective item-picking for eCommerce orders is a reality with our AI-enabled robotic solutions. With several product offerings and configurations, our solutions can plug robotic picking into your existing operations or utilize transformative mobile robots to manage inventory and outgoing orders. Scalable and versatile, our eCommerce fulfillment solutions are ready now to streamline your processes for both direct shipment and pickup-in-store customer orders.

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smart store replenishment

Improve speed, accuracy, throughput, and costs of replenishing your stores. Potentially move to a just-in-time replenishment strategy or combine store replenishment with pickup-in-store eCommerce orders. Our complete robotic picking solutions accommodate picking eaches, inner-packs, cases, bags, bottles, cans, blister packs, tubes, and other product packages to create aisle-friendly store orders contained in totes, cardboard boxes, and other store-bound containers. Our solutions can include core storage and sequencing capabilities via mobile robots or shuttle sortation systems. Our solutions can also interface with both manual and automated storage solutions depending on what makes sense for your business.

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dynamic parcel sortation

Omni-channel commerce has created a tremendous surge in the volume of small packages handled by retailers and logistics companies. Our complete robotic sorting solution enables retailers to cost-effectively ship eCommerce orders to stores for customer pickup and pre-sort parcels prior to passing onto carriers to take advantage of zone skipping strategies. Carriers use our parcel sortation solutions to down-sort to shipment and delivery locations with minimal manual intervention – no label facing, no monstrous permanent infrastructure, no delays.

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It’s time to radically change the essential way we do business to improve efficiency, raise quality, lower prices, and get goods to new places more rapidly.

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