Smart Store Replenishment

Reduce chain-wide inventory, replenish just-in-time, and streamline operations.

Robotic Picking for Smart Store Replenishment

Retailers understand the benefits of shipping smaller orders, more often to achieve chain-wide inventory reduction. However, few have implemented this strategy with much success – until now. Robotic picking makes shipping eaches, single items, inner packs, bags, bottles, blister packs, cans, and small cases economical for store replenishment. The solution continuously picks products from totes into store-bound containers based on the customer’s preferred strategy including: by department, aisle-friendly, or a custom sequence. The same system used for shelf re-stocking can also be used to pick and send eCommerce orders to stores for customer pick up as part of an interleaved order picking workflow.



Pick apparel, health & beauty, hardware, housewares, toys, grocery, and non-perishables.


Handle eaches, inner packs, cases, bags, bottles, blister packs, and loose items.


Easy to implement with a phased rollout in any facility.


3X faster than manual picking.


Small solution footprint fits with existing operations.

Rapid ROI

Minimize manual labor; reduce chain-wide inventory.

Conveyor and ASRS Implementations

Some retailers choose to integrate our solution directly with an existing ASRS or conveyor connected zone picking operation. Others feed our robotic picking solution by manually batch picking from traditional rack storage. All of our solution configurations pick products and sort to orders using the same pick cell modules and core software. Products are picked into store-bound containers, and the solution supports a range of standard box and tote sizes. The solution is ideal for enhancing existing operations to support smart store replenishment of individual items and inner packs making store shelf restocking efficient, fast, and easy.

Mobile Robotic Implementations

Some retailers choose a solution configuration that encompasses our mobile robotic capabilities in addition to robotic picking. This type of installation utilizes a FlexField consisting of an interconnected floor of FlexTiles on which mobile FlexBots move freely carrying both totes of product and store bound containers to and from robotic picking cells. Products are moved about the floor by the mobile FlexBots and presented to the pick cells in such a way that orders are picked in the specified sequence required by the customer’s individual stores. Orders are also picked and delivered to shipping areas in sequence to accommodate shipping schedules in addition to store aisle considerations.

Management Dashboard

A web-based management dashboard for tracking work progress on desktops and mobile devices is a standard component of our solutions. Picks-per-hour, order completion status, and a record of every item picked is captured and presented for the customer to monitor locally and/or remotely. There are also push notifications related to order completion status and inventory availability for each pick cycle.

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