Dynamic Parcel Sortation

Omni-channel commerce creates a multitude of small packages. Parcel sortation saves time and money at every node in the supply chain.

The value of parcel sortation

Omni-channel commerce has created a tremendous surge in the volume of small packages handled by retailers and logistics companies. The ability to sort these small parcels creates value at all points in the supply chain. Retailers can sort parcels for shipment to individual stores for in-store pick up. Retailers can sort parcels by zone to take advantage of zone skipping practices for freight savings from carriers. Logistics companies and carriers need to sort an increasing number of small parcels for final delivery to homes and businesses.


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Top 25 Global Parcels Company



Handles polybags, tubes, envelopes, mailers, odd-shaped boxes, and containers.


Sort orders for in-store pickup and direct delivery.


Leverage zone skipping to reduce shipping costs.


Small solution footprint fits with existing operations.

fast & accurate

Speed and accuracy for 2X the throughput of manual sortation.

rapid ROI

Minimize manual labor; no label facing required.

Parcel Singulation & Identification

Parcels are loaded into a collection hopper which automatically feeds them to a robotic pick cell. There a robot picks each package and places it in a patented HyperScanner auto-identification chamber that is capable of reading barcodes from any angle on any package in under a second. No additional package manipulation is required for the system to identify each parcel.

Sort Point Accumulation

Parcels, now singulated and identified, are passed to the linear sortation module which has dynamically assigned sort destinations. The system automatically delivers each package to the correct accumulation point where they are stored with other parcels for that destination. When all the parcels for a specific destination fill the storage bin, operators are alerted to remove the accumulated packages for shipment while the system continues to sort to all other destinations.

Management & Operator Interaction

The system includes visual interfaces that make it simple for operators to identify when parcels destined for the same location are ready to remove for shipping. The solution also features a web-based management dashboard for tracking work progress and monitoring system performance on desktops and mobile devices.

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